About Us

We explore breakthrough technologies that change the lives of people and companies.

🌏 BeFuture Media

This is an online magazine for those who care about the following questions:

Our mission

is to talk about technologies, comprehend them, peer into the distance
and shape the future.

Technologies in our focus:

🔗 blockchain

💸 DeFi

💡 startups

👓 VR

🧠 artificial intelligence

💰 cryptocurrencies

🛸 future transport

🌍 web 3.0

👩‍🔬 biotech

🏞 metaverse

⌚️ the internet of things

🤝 smart contracts

🕸 neural networks

⛏ mining

🦸🏼‍♂️ digital human

📰 media


We share our accumulated knowledge in the format of courses, lectures and meetups

Educational programs will help you quickly get used to the new world, gain the skills and professions that will be in demand in the coming decade.

Digital media professionals, virtual city architects, NFT traders, virtual clothing designers, digital artists, avatar creators… these are some of the jobs of the future.

💬 Community

BeFuture is not only the first digital person, the project team and the website on the Internet.

These are our readers, partners, people who create amazing companies, technologies and look to the future. And the future is not created alone.

Welcome to the BeFuture Community!

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By the way, we have a special page for advertisers — Cooperation. The page contains statistics, working conditions and cases.