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Gucci's Garden At Roblox Or Why Brands Need Metaverses

Gucci’s Garden At Roblox Or Why Brands Need Metaverses

The growth of the metaverse industry is driven by the growth of the cryptoeconomy. All clothing in the industry is sold for cryptocurrency, and many universes are decentralized. As the metaverse grows in size, so does its popularity.

This allows attracting the attention and interest of a greater audience. JAY-Z, Sotheby’s, Binance US, Adidas, Manchester City Football Club have already created their collectibles at Decentraland. In this article, we will illustrate how other brands interact with metaverses.

Netflix: A Game Based on Stranger Things

The developers of the Roblox gaming platform have teamed up with Netflix to release a game based on Stranger Things. In it you can visit the Hawkins shopping center and some other locations from the world of the series.

Previously, Roblox has already launched a small event based on the series. There, players were asked to complete a number of quests and earn virtual limited edition items.

It is now a full-fledged game set in a trade center called Starcourt Mall. It has four game modes: Hi-Score Slingshot and Delivery Dash for one player and multiplayer Dueling Dice and Hawkins Lab Escape.

Hi-Score Slingshot mode is designed for one player, where he goes to the shooting range. Source: roblox
And in the Delivery Dash mode, the player will deliver ice cream. Source: roblox

Dueling Dice is dice designed for 2 people (you can also play against artificial intelligence). And Hawkins Lab Escape is asymmetric multiplayer: a team of five against a single player.

This space will expand the possibilities of the game when new content for the series arrives. With the release of the new season, users will experience massive updates as time comes for new events.

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Coca-Cola: Party at Decentraland

Tafi, the creator of Avatars for virtual worlds, entered into a partnership agreement with Coca-Cola. They released NFT virtual devices for the brand, including a wearable jacket for avatars in the Decentraland metaverse.

This is the first NFT Coca-Cola collection and it was dedicated to International Friendship Day. The proceeds from the auction went to the charity Special Olympics International, an organization dedicated to organizing sports events for people with disabilities.

The collection includes “The friendship box from Coca-Cola”: a rare NFT presented as a package that can not be used in Decentraland. It looks like a 1956 Coca-Cola collectible vending machine.

The Friendship Box can be bought in the OpenSea marketplace. Inside it are three more unique NFTs:

  • signature bubble jacket,
  • sound visualizer featuring the sound of a bottle opening or a drink pouring on ice,
  • a friendship card inspired by collectible cards issued by Coca-Cola in the 1940s.

That is, the buyer received a total of 4 NFTs: one with the “Friendship Box” and three with prizes inside it. But at Decentraland, only a bubble jacket could be used.

NFT prizes from Coca-Cola. Source:

Coca-Cola held its auction on July 30, 2021 during a special On The Roof Party. The company brought a giant can of cola and hosted a DJ party.
At the event, visitors witnessed the Coca-Cola Friendship Box for the first time. They also took part in a raffle of rare NFT Coca-Cola T-shirts for Decentraland player avatars. They could only be won.

The introduction of branded NFTs at Decentraland could provide companies like Coca-Cola with another vehicle to attract consumers to the concept of a metaverse. Interest in these is growing along with the interest in NFTs. Coca-Cola is looking at the metaverse for customer engagement and brand building.

Sotheby’s — Auction in the Metaverse

The auction house made history with a replica of its London gallery in the virtual world of Decentraland. Sotheby’s and sales co-curator Robert Alice selected works that reflect the history of crypto art and its development to the present day.

The virtual gallery consisted of five spaces to showcase digital art. There was also a digital avatar of Sotheby’s London Commissioner Hans Lomulder, who greeted visitors at the door.

Sotheby’s Commissioner Hans Lomulder welcomes visitors to Decentraland. Source: art. art

Sotheby’s virtual gallery was located in the Voltaire Art District in Decentraland. She could be found on the map at coordinates 52.83. The event was held from 4 to 10 June 2021.

If you need custom location, you can contact our specialists from BeFuture Studio. They will create the design of the location, develop interactives and help to promote your event.

Gucci — the Garden at Roblox

Gucci Fashion House announced apartnership with Roblox to create its own digital metaverse. With the help of virtual space and interactive objects, users of the gaming platform will be able to get acquainted with the history of the brand.
The virtual promotion took place in May 2021. Roblox users could visit several locations under the general name “Gucci Garden”. It was based on a real space located in the medieval trade palace Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence.

Gucci Garden at Roblox. Source:

It also hosted an exhibition called Archetypes celebrating Gucci’s 100th anniversary. It featured mythical ark builders, intergalactic explorers, horses, dancers, angels, and aliens. It could be visited both in reality and inside Roblox. Platform users had access to an interactive tour of the brand’s history and advertising campaigns.

In December 2020, Gucci partnered with Roblox to create digital copies of the brand’s famous pieces. Users could choose them for their virtual avatars.
For the past six years, Gucci has been actively developing its own metaverse. The company is also studying blockchain and NFTs because it sees opportunities for growth for this technology.


Collaborating with metaverses enables brands to gain attention and engage additional audiences. Half of the companies represented in the selection used the Roblox gaming platform, and the other half used the Decentraland virtual world.

At Roblox, Netflix created a game based on Stranger Things, and Gucci created its own garden, which hosted the Archetypes 100th-anniversary exhibition.

At Decentraland, Coca-Cola hosted an International Friendship Day DJ party with a raffle of rare NFT items. The auction house Sotheby’s presented a copy of its London gallery.

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James Armstrong

Cover and illustrations:
Delilah Jones

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