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Walking around the Decentraland metaverse. DressX showroom Cover

Walking Around The Decentraland Metaverse. DressX Showroom

In this article, we will tell a little about the DressX project and show how its building looks in the Decentrland metaverse. We will also test some of the functions of the building itself.

A brief about DressX

The project positions itself as a digital clothing marketplace. All you need to do is choose virtual clothes, upload your photo, pay for the purchase and get your photo in the chosen clothes.

The creators of DressX are worried that so many real clothes are being produced that there are already much more of them than people need. Therefore, with the help of their project, they are trying to show that some things can only exist in the digital world. That is, they are more for the transformation of consumption than for the rejection of it.

The video presentation of the project shows that their digital clothes can be worn on video calls, in the metaverses, streams, avatars. They also launched their own NFT clothing collections and opened a showroom in the Decentraland metaverse.

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DressX showroom

You can get to the building at the coordinates: -82, 113. A huge tree on the second floor attracts the attention of the building from afar. The building itself is small: approximately 10 by 10 meters. There are a lot of unusual plants both outside and inside, which probably refers to the eco-positioning of the project: the DressX developers are for producing less waste.

The building itself was made with the support of the Boson Protocol and Boson Portal projects: they help to digitize the goods, turn them into NFTs, buy and sell them directly in the metaverse in a few clicks.

dressx showroom exterior
This is how the DressX showroom looks like from the outside

There are 2 dresses on display inside the showroom: red and green. We will show the red, and readers are invited to Decentraland to check out the green.

red dress
Red dress interaction stand and interface

If you get closer to the dress, a button will appear to interact with it. The price is shown right away: 6 ETH, that is, approximately $10,000 at the beginning of August.

The dress itself resembles red moss, which will wrap around the body. It also says that this is a physical object, which is strange since the project only sells digital clothing. A little lower we will show that when buying it, it will actually be delivered to the address. The name of the dress is “The Wabi Venus Dress”.

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When we click on the “Proceed” button, a menu for buying a dress opens. The final price is 6.6 ETH. The 0.6 ETH markup is linked to the seller’s deposit. And in terms of functionality, it looks like the buyer redeems the deposit and leaves it here. What exactly this means, we have not figured out.

interface for buying the red dress nft
Interface for buying a red dress

If you click “View Full Description”, then the full description of the dress, delivery options and the name of the creator will be opened. It follows from the description that the physical dress is made from natural lichen. And the buyer will receive the digital dress after receiving the physical one. Now it’s clear why it costs much more than on the website: prices there start at $30. They promise delivery in 4-6 weeks.

The Wabi Venus Dress description
“The Wabi Venus Dress” description window

We go up to the second floor, there are 6 posters of people in regular clothes. Each has a photo replacement function. To change, you need to get closer and move the cursor over the poster. The “Before / After” icon will appear and then you need to click: the photo in regular clothes will change to a photo in digital. Perhaps this is how digital showrooms will look in the future.

before after function
The “Before/After” function on the second floor of the showroom

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In this article, we showed the DressX showroom in the Decentraland metaverse. We looked at the entire range and checked the building’s functionality.

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James Armstrong

Cover and illustrations:
Delilah Jones

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