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Influence to Earn: metaverses for influencers Cover

Influence To Earn: Metaverses For Influencers

Thanks to blockchain, new ways of earning money for different categories of users appear. For example, gamers can make money on GameFi projects, and designers can make money on building objects in the metaverses. Now it’s the influencers’ turn. They will be able to make money on the Influence to Earn platforms. In the article we explain what it is and give an example of such a platform.

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What is Influence to Earn 

This is the name of projects that give influencers and bloggers the opportunity to earn using blockchain technology. The term itself is similar to Play to Earn (P2E), but instead of the word “play” the word “influence” is used: Influence to Earn (I2E). That is, the platforms are designed for influencers or bloggers.

Such projects are similar to other ways of monetizing content: donations, YouTube sponsorship, Patreon. But unlike them, the Influence to Earn platforms will use blockchain. This technology provides two advantages that conventional services do not have. We list them below:

Firstly, the use of cryptocurrencies instead of bank cards. So services can be accessed by users from anywhere in the world. For example, influencers with audiences from all over the world cannot monetize content in sanctioned countries such as Russia, Belarus, Iran, and Venezuela. These countries have their own banking systems that do not work with all services popular with influencers. And with the Influence to Earn platforms, there will be no such problem, because they use cryptocurrency.

Secondly, following the trend for new technologies. Metaverses and NFTs are becoming more and more popular and some users want to support the influencer with them. For example, they will be able to buy not only a real hoodie with the influencer’s logo, but also a digital version of it for their metaverse avatar. The Influence to Earn platforms will give them this opportunity.

If you need custom location, you can contact our specialists from BeFuture Studio. They will create the design of the location, develop interactives and help to promote your event.

Metaflunece — a Metaverse for Influencers

This is the first platform that is being developed according to the Influence to Earn principle. A virtual city with plots of land will be built in it. Influencers will be able to buy residences in this city, where they can hold events, open their own shops and NFT galleries.

Metahut visualization by developers of Metafluence
A visualization of an influencer’s residence in Metafluence. Source:

Metafluence will have 2 types of virtual land: Metahut and Land. The first are plots with an influencer’s residence already built on it. The second are empty plots of land on which it will be possible to build residences in the future.

Ways to earn money in Metafluence:

  • Hosting paid events in the metaverse;
  • Selling NFTs in your store. It could be digital wearables, digital art, collectibles or access to an exclusive content;
  • Brand collaborations;
  • Sale of real physical items through the metaverse marketplace;
  • Renting out Metahut and Land;
  • Staking METO tokens (BEP-20).

In the spring of 2022, the project is at an early stage of development. The virtual city and virtual land have not been built yet — you can only look at their visualization from the developers, and not at the real in-game look. A pre-sale of Metahut and Land tokens is only planned.

In May 2022, you can sign up for the Whitelist through the Google form on the official website. With this method of purchase, Land will cost $85, and Metahut will cost $3,500. 

No guarantees

This information does not constitute investment advice, a recommendation or an encouragement to buy or sell financial instruments. Any person acting on its basis does so solely at their own risk.


Influence to Earn is a blockchain-based platform for influencers and bloggers. On these platforms, they will be able to sell NFTs with access to exclusive content, host paid events, collaborate with brands, sell both digital and real items. The first example of such a platform is the Metafluence metaverse.

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Cover and illustrations:
Delilah Jones

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