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The Metaverse is hiring! 6 unusual professions worth learning Cover

The Metaverse Is Hiring! 6 Unusual Professions Worth Learning

The Metaverse is a new, advanced version of the Internet, which is being developed by many specialists. In this regard, unusual professions appear and various vacancies open up. 

In this article, we will talk about new professions emerging on the next generation of the Internet. You will also learn what skills you need to have in order to remain in demand as a specialist. 

Artists and Virtual Item Creators

According to Unity, more artists are involved in game creation than developers. Probably, the metaverse will develop along the same path. Not only vacancies related to visual design, but also other types of creative professions will become in demand. For example, writers, composers and videographers.

Voxels (ex. Cryptovoxels) marketplace screenshot
Marketplace with virtual items in the Voxels (ex. Cryptovoxels) metaverse

Everyone who fills the metaverse with any items becomes part of its economy. For example, some designers help well-known companies advertise themselves in the metaverse. So, the DappCraft studio has created branded Coca-Cola jackets that can be worn in Decentraland.

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Virtual Reality Architects

Specialists in designing solutions for work, study and recreation in the metaverse are beginning to be in demand. Usually, these are game designers, producers, software and hardware developers. Such employees are most often sought after by companies that are embedding their business in the metaverse.

Rarible office Decentraland screenshot
Rarible office in the Decentraland metaverse

Virtual reality architects work for metavrse studios like BeFuture. They build facilities and help bring the brand into the metaverse. For example, such specialists can organize a virtual event or arrange an interactive quest.

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Communication Specialists

One of the advantages of the metaverse will be the opportunity to establish closer contact between companies and customers. This will stimulate new jobs for community managers, community leaders, customer service, moderators, IT evangelists, consultants and curators.

Baidu CEO's speech in Xi Rang
Baidu CEO’s speech at the first virtual conference in the Xi Rang metaverse

The responsibilities of community managers will include recruiting new “inhabitants” of the metaverse and communicating with them. Baidu CEO tried himself in such a role. He spoke at a virtual conference in the Chinese Xi Rang metaverse. After the conference, the support staff will help newcomers to understand how the metaverse works.

Blockchain Gamers and DAO Members

The metaverse will include many games with a Play-to-Earn model. With their help, gaming will become a real profession. There are already games where players can earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs:

  • Thetan Arena — MOBA game with NFT heroes;
  • Gods Unchained — a trading card game with NFT cards;
  • Neon District — cyberpunk turn-based RPG;
  • Alien Worlds — a space exploration game with Trillium (TLM) and NFT token mining.
Loot Crate with NFTs in Neon District
A crate of NFT items in Neon District. All dropped items can be sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace

In addition to entertainment projects, there are various types of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) within the metaverse. One of the most popular types is investment DAO. Members of such organizations pool their capitals, invest them in the development of projects and distribute the profits among themselves.

Performing Artists and LIVE Performers

The entertainment industry is the fastest growing part of the metaverse. In addition to games and pre-created content, it also includes online performances. Musicians, stand-up comedians, DJs, bloggers and streamers will be able to find jobs in the metaverse.

Djembe performance in the Somnium Space metaverse
Djembe performing at Somnium Space. Source: Somnium Times

In the metaverse, performing artists can achieve effects that are unattainable in reality: they can change the scene after each performance or go with the audience into space. For beginners, the metaverse also provides many opportunities. Here they can find their audience or invite other users to buy a ticket to their performance in the form of NFT.

“Bridge” Creators

The Metaverse will exist in close connection with the physical world. Therefore, it will need a large number of people who will create “bridges”, that is, transfer real objects to the virtual world and back. For example, job openings are already emerging for digital twin creation specialists, cartographers, public health and security experts.

Creating a digital twin of David Guetta in the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov and other investors have poured $100 million into Sensorium Galaxy, a virtual universe with nightclubs, parties and blockchain. Today, the project is already signing contracts with world celebrities. DJ David Guetta and ballet dancer Sergei Polunin were among the first to do so. Their photorealistic avatars and performances have already been digitized for the metaverse.


With the development of the metaverse, new ways of earning are emerging. In this article, we talked about 6 professions that will appear in the future:

  • artists and virtual item creators;
  • virtual reality architects;
  • communication specialists;
  • blockchain and DAO members;
  • Performing artists and LIVE performers;
  • “bridge” creators.
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James Armstrong

Cover and illustrations:
Delilah Jones

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