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Top-4 Neural Networks for Working with Program Code

How Neural Networks Help Coding: Tools for Programmers and Developers

Programmers have the ability to optimize specific processes when coding with neural networks. The program cannot fully write the software code for you. More precisely, you can ask a neural network to generate code for you, but you’ll have to refine it yourself, as with other neural network-generated results. 

However, certain neural network tools can assist in optimizing the software code and reduce hours of monotonous work. We’ve compiled a selection of the best neural networks that will simplify the work of programmers in this article.

Tabnine — a Neural Network that Finishes Lines of Program Code

Tabnine is a neural network that can analyze the context and syntax of programcode and suggest its own version of the code. It can only complete code lines in the free version of Tabnine. However, with a subscription, the next generation of neural networks with additional features becomes available, which can fully complete entire branches of code.

Tabnine also offers a corporate subscription option with self-configuration capabilities. Companies can train the neural network model on specific examples of programming code used by the client company.

Adding lines of code to the Tabnine neural network
  • Website —
  • Available functions are code scanning, adding lines and branches of code, training the neural network using your examples.
  • Price — fixing short code snippets is free, and access to all features costs $12 per month.

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Adrenaline — a Neural Network for Correcting Program Code

Adrenaline is a neural network that can analyze software code and suggest corrections by searching for similar data structures and identifying the most suitable solution. The user is presented with two versions of code fragments on the screen — their own and the one suggested by the neural network. This allows you to compare two options and fix them with one click.

Adrenaline also has an additional chat function that allows users to communicate with the neural network in addition to the code correction feature. Users can ask questions about the code and provide specific commands for correction. This feature can further enhance the user experience and provide a more personalized approach to code optimization.

Finding errors in code with Adrenaline
Finding errors in code with Adrenaline
  • Website —
  • Available features are code scanning, suggesting fixes, running code on the website.
  • Price — the first 50 actions are free, then the price starts from $5 per month.
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CodePal — a Neural Network that Writes Software Code and Can Even Teach Coding

CodePal is a neural network that generates code based on simple text prompts. The user selects the programming language and provides a description, and the neural network produces the corresponding code. There are separate pages with the necessary tools for convenient code editing on the CodePal website. The neural network can analyze, simplify, search for errors, transform schemes, and search for similar code chains in the library database.

All of these tools can help novice coders. They can handle bug and reference searches when the specialist lacks experience and understanding of their mistakes. CodePal’s neural network can provide a more accessible and personalized approach to code optimization, making it easier for beginners to learn and improve their coding skills.

Explaining a program code by the CodePal neural network
Explaining a program code by the CodePal neural network
  • Website —
  • Functions available — 17 functions for working with code, from analysis to full code generation
  • The price is free.

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Code GPT — ChatGPT Based Extension for VSCode

Code GPT is a neural network that can be integrated into the Visual Studio Code application, allowing developers to generate code directly within the program. The Code GPT extension, like the ChatGPT neural network itself, can analyze a code, identify programming languages, and write comments. In addition, Code GPT offers features for compiling and running code generated by the neural network within VSCode.

Code Generation with Code GPT
Code Generation with Code GPT


Neural networks for working with programming code can simplify processes such as library searches, code analysis, and bug detection. However, giving neural networks complete control over code writing without checks is impossible. They often make mistakes or write bulky code chains. Nevertheless, specific functions of neural networks can help programmers and developers optimize programming code.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 neural networks for working with a code:

  • Tabnine — a neural network that finishes lines of programming code;
  • Adrenaline — a neural network for correcting programming code;
  • CodePal — a neural network that writes a code and can even teach coding;
  • Code GPT — an extension based on ChatGPT for VSCode.
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