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What reality shows can you watch in the metaverse Cover

What Reality Shows Can You Watch In The Metaverse?

Reality shows will soon be available in the metaverse. Large companies have already successfully moved their offices and services to the virtual space, and concerts in the metaverse have brought in more money than real venues. The creators of reality shows also thought about moving to the metaverse.

In 2022, the production of several such projects for different metaverses began. In the article we talk about the upcoming reality shows.

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Gordon Ramsay at The Sandbox

In August 2022, The Sandbox metaverse announced the launch of the iconic show Hell’s Kitchen on its platform. The show will be in production by Animoca Brands in collaboration with celebrity chef and host Gordon Ramsay.

Hell’s Kitchen teaser trailer in The Sandbox metaverse

Animoca Brands will open Hell’s Kitchen at The Sandbox, which will host the show. In the virtual kitchen, the show’s guests will participate in competitions, prepare meals and compete for a chance to become a chef.

The developers plan to release customized items for the release of the show, which anyone can buy. They will also add an avatar of the host Gordon Ramsay to The Sandbox. It will be issued in a limited edition.

And if you want to take your show to the metaverse, hold a presentation, a conference or a party there, contact us at BeFuture Studio. Our specialists will help you organize an event or a show in the metaverse.

Dressmaking reality show at Roblox

In July 2022, the Beinopen Fashion Institute announced the opening of registrations for the reality show of making clothes. All the clothes in it will be created in the Roblox metaverse. Both physical and digital clothing designers can participate in the show.

The reality show began on August 15, 2022. The experts in it were Anna Dreinberg, an XR developer specializing in the fashion industry, and Polina Egarmin, curator of the Fashion Tech master’s program. Under their guidance, participants will create fashionable digital collections on given topics for 4 weeks. You can follow the show on the broadcasts, which will be posted on the project website.

The image with the clothes of one of the Roblox's reality show participants.
The work of one of the reality show’s participants. Source: beinopen

After the end of the reality show, the participants’ work will be shown at the Beinopen 2022 Forum in October. You can see all the clothes in the Roblox metaverse. Also, especially for the presentation, the organizers will build a city-site Beinopen Dreams on the platform. There you can try on digital clothes and participate in contests.

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Reality TV Series

In May 2022, Dark Slope Studios announces the start of a collaboration with Insight Productions. Together they plan to create a reality TV in the metaverse. The production of the first joint project will begin at the end of 2022.

Dark Slope Studios has already been involved in creating visual content for games and metaverses. And Insight Productions ran successful reality shows in Canada.

Especially for these projects, the companies will create platforms on the Unreal Engine 5 game engine. The shows will be filmed as a TV series, but without a ready-made script. Its participants will interact with the virtual world and go through prepared tests and contests in it. And to record the movement of participants, haptic feedback tracking devices will be used.


Reality shows have become another area that has been transferred from the real world to the metaverse. In 2022, the production of several such projects began:

  • Bringing iconic Hell’s Kitchen to The Sandbox metaverse;
  • Dressmaking reality show at Roblox;
  • Dark Slope Studios and Insight Productions collaborate to create metaverses that will feature reality TV shows.
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