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The Sandbox Hackathon | BeFuture Case Study cover

The Sandbox Hackathon | BeFuture Case Study

In May 2022, BeFuture Studio organized a hackathon dedicated to the development of objects in The Sandbox metaverse. In the article we talk about the hackathon, its winners and the objects that the teams built. There is a separate video demonstration for each of them in the article.

About The Hackathon

The hackathon took place in an online format. 6 teams in total made it to the hackathon final, from 3 to 5 people each. For a week, from May 20 to May 27, they created objects for the virtual world of The Sandbox metaverse.

At the end of the hackathon, invited experts evaluated the work of each team according to a number of criteria. Both the object itself and the object’s pitch by the team in front of the experts were evaluated. Next, we tell in more detail about the winners and the locations they’ve built.

Hackathon Winners: Stars In Hands

The first place was taken by the Stars in Hands team. Its participants organized themselves into a team after signing up for the hackathon and didn’t know each other before. It consisted of 5 members: game designer, level designer, 3D voxel artist, character designer, environment designer.

A demonstration of the “Office of the Future” developed by the Stars in Hands team

The team developed the “Office of the Future” object for the fictional company called Safe Cloud. This location is divided into levels that solve different tasks of the company. We give more details about them below.

Office level. It’s located on a solid cloud. This is the place where the company can receive guests, hold events, sell its products and services, as well as NFTs from partners. The office location is designed for a lot of visitors and socializing. 

Ground levels and inverted skyscrapers. This is the place where users can go through a long chain of quests designed for a single player gaming. Quests will convey the message to the players that they shouldn’t be negligent about online security. This is how the Safe Cloud company will advertise its services in an interactive way.

VR level. It’s made for employees of the HR department and applicants. The company will conduct job interviews in the form of a game there.

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Hackathon Winners: NovoVerse

The second place was taken by the NovoVerse team which had 3 people: a game developer, a game designer and a 3D artist. Together they created the object called “Concert Venue”. 

Demonstration of the “Concert Venue” location and its quests

This is a huge location, in which, in addition to the venue itself, there is an NFT gallery, a dressing room for artists, a cafe, a VIP zone, shops, and a maze. The team also came up with 7 interactive quests for the object.

Hackathon Winners: 3rd Place

According to the hackathon results, it turned out that the third place was taken by two teams at once, who scored the same number of points. Therefore, below we will tell you about the 2 winners of the hackathon, who took 3rd places.

3rd place: Inception. The team included 5 people: a game designer, a game developer and 3D designers. Together they created the “Futuristic Apartment” object. This is a hi-tech island, floating in the clouds. The island is controlled by the NPC named “AI Guardian Concierge”. 

This NPC controlled the island using robots. And according to the story, “AI Guardian Concierge” had a glitch. And the player must help him fix this failure, defeat the robots and save his dog.

Demonstration of the “Futuristic apartments” location and its quests

3rd place: MultiMetaMakers. The team included 5 people of different specialties: from a game designer to an NFT developer and a narrative writer. They created the “Conference Platform” object. It can hold events of a new format that involve participants through gameplay and quests.

Demonstration of the “Conference Platform” location and its quests

If you need custom location, you can contact our specialists from BeFuture Studio. They will create the design of the location, develop interactives and help to promote your event.


From May 20 to May 27, 2022 BeFuture Studio held a hackathon dedicated to the development of objects for The Sandbox metaverse. During the week, 6 teams developed their objects for the virtual world. The first 3 places were taken by the following teams:

  • 1st place: the Stars in Hands team with the “Office of the Future” object;
  • 2nd place: the NovoVerse team with the “Concert Venue” object;
  • 3rd place: the Inception team with the “Futuristic apartments” object;
  • 3rd place: the MultiMetaMakers team with the “Conference Platform” object.
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James Armstrong

Cover and illustrations:
Delilah Jones

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